Virtual YOUTH CHURCH-10:00 AM |Sunday-11:00 AM Worship EXPERIENCE & Tuesday NIGHT LIVE-7:30 PM Pastoral Bible Study

Everyone has to be filled up before they can overflow. Cultivating outflow at TCVC requires taking personal time with Jesus to get filled up. Our array of ministries are designed to help point you to Christ, explore the character of Christ, and reveal the will of Christ for your life.

TCVC ministries are equipping Christians and presenting opportunities to reach beyond their comfort zone. Help us create an outflow momentum within TCVC, by offering your knowledge and experience to find ways to reach out to the ends of the earth. Together, we can watch more people begin thirsting for the living water they see splashing out all around us. It will get harder and harder not to get swept up and into this life they were destined to live – on Sunday morning and all seven days of the week.